Apego is an investigation of psychological attachment and its personal and cultural manifestations, as various duos, inspired by the mother-child relationship, play out a narrative drenched in pain, longing, greed, aggression, tenderness and love. Harnessing the spirit of Martha Graham, the Pieta, bull fighting, alternative therapies, healing rituals, call and response, and folk dancing, Apego takes its viewers on a wild ride, that ultimately challenges the boundary between performer and audience. Words are few, but voices are strong as the passionate desire for connection leads to the viewer's own confronting of uncharted territory within. Set in a landscape that is both natural and constructed, the performance is open to the public.


April 22, 2018, 6:00 pm

Paseo de Marítimo, Rota, Cádiz, Spain 


2 Performers (ages 18-99) are currently needed.

Roles are relatively equal and will be distributed at the first rehearsal.

Must be able to run, roll on the ground, and possess a high level of comfort interacting physically with others (e.g. sitting on laps and tangling up bodies)

Submissions / Questions: erin.m.desmond@gmail.com


Rehearsal 1:  Tuesday, April 10, Espacio Pinea, Rota

Rehearsal 2:  TBD, Paseo de Marítimo, Rota

Rehearsal 3: TBD, Paseo de Marítimo, Rota

Rehearsal 4: TBD, Paseo de Marítimo, Rota


Erin Desmond is a Los Angeles based performance artist, playwright and director, currently on residency at Pinea-Linea de Costa, a nonprofit organization in Rota, Spain. Here she will direct and perform in an experimental play for a local audience, which will also be documented and exhibited in Los Angeles at a later date. Erin holds a BA from UCLA, an MFA from Yale, and practices trauma resolution therapy, also incorporated into her performances.



+1 310 248 0643

Please reach out for additional information!